target-redVahini Foundation is a Non-governmental Organization working consistently and relentlessly in the field for Women and Child care in terms of Health, Hygiene , Education and Empowerment. The aim of the foundation is to bring about optimal benefits and advantages to the population belonging to the marginalized sections of the society. Our programs and workshops are organized to spread awareness to make them realize the advantages of an empowered women for the community as a whole.

We at Vahini Foundation organize Skill Development and Training workshops by opening VCVT(Vahini Centre for Vocational Training) that help women to identify her talents and hone her skills to gain self-dependence. We work in remote villages and cluster to provide health and education facilities to the blueprints-greenunderprivileged children. We also run welfare projects that helped poor and needy people. Our target group consists of women, children and youth.We also guide people in refer to Digital India.

We believe that education helps in bringing about a lasting change in the society. It also helps people to know more about their right and awareness for living a healthy and hygienic life. This bring a remarkable change in the lives of millions of people.

Join us in our endeavor to make a better tomorrow