Vahini is a non-governing organization totally devoted and committed to bring improvement in the health, hygiene and development of the underprivileged children.


We offer suitable psychological, physical and social therapies to the children and ensure proper development of the children and youth and their mental and physical health. We have transitioned from a public health model to enhance the coverage of the fundamental interventions for the development of a child and mental and physical health of the adolescents. We work on the basis of a few guiding principles. We at Vahini Foundation, conduct surveys in certain areas and categorize the children who are not going to school due to lack of funds and unwillingness , we convince their parents to send their child to our center for education.


Our policy makers are constantly engaged, right with the development of our projects to the dissemination of the results that helps in meeting the goals.



At Vahini, we make children and their families aware of the health issues faced by them and what they can do to overcome these challenges. They are also given assistance and information to ensure proper hygiene and the need of perfect personal upkeep. As part of our committed efforts, we offer a lot of programs. Our programs cover areas like the survival of the new born, maternal health, new born health, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene. Our focused initiatives are helping in delivering optimal results.