1. Vahini Foundation collects relevant information about the users through its website and keeps it strictly confidential. The information is never shared with any individual, group, company or external organizations. Vahini Foundation, at the same time, sharesprivacy_policy_icon updated information about the programs, developments, and happenings through newsletters and bulletins. The users may or may not choose the subscription option.

2.Vahini requests a little information about the donor when making donations to the foundations to make sure about genuine contributions. The information is strictly confidential and is not shared with any external organizations. Some of the information mandatory for the donors to share is their name, mailing or email address, mobile number, telephone number, details of payment processing and any such data that Vahini Foundation requires for its records.

3.The visitors can browse the website of Vahini Foundation depositphotos_63616243-privacy-policy-magnify-review-illustration-designanonymously and for this purpose, they are not obliged to register or furnish any personal information. In case the information is shared,the foundation does not share it with any external agency.

4.The information about the payment and other purposes are handled by the authorized and internal officials of the Foundation.

5.Vahini Foundation cannot be held liable for any damage, loss or harm coming to the users because160_F_36631201_2TwaRM8hSYt7bvJtO9kNuXDFJvs65QGy of the personal information misuse by a third party, which is obtained through a liked Vahini Foundation website or by a person who is not associated with Vahini Foundation.

6.Vahini Foundation ultimately holds the decision and discretion to update or modify any terms and conditions falling under the purview of Privacy Policy.

7.Vahini Foundation is the sole owner of the contents that depositphotos_27088973-Privacy-Policy-Concept.are published on the website of Vahini Foundation entailing logos, write-ups, images, pictures, and software. Similarly, the associates and partners of the Foundation are also protected. Before using any information mentioned on the Foundation website, prior permission is mandatory. If the contents of the website are misused in any way, the misuse will be immediately held liable.