Every child has a right to live a healthy and happy life. Even today, despite of the fact that advanced medical care is easily available; the child mortality rate is high in the country. Most of the deaths occur due to causes that can be easily prevented and treated like pneumonia, diarrhea and malnutrition. We are striving hard to bring about an improvement in the nutrition and health status of mothers, new-born, and expecting women with attention on the people coming from deprived strata of society.

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As part of our Health and Nutrition initiative, we strive hard to bring robust nutrition and health benefits to the children and youth coming from the marginalized sections of the society. We run programs to help poor families realize the significance of health and hygiene in life and how it can help them to live a better life and for this we organize medical camps and awareness programmes to make them aware of the facts.


While offering these services, we are very clear to work in tandem with the Government, Regional and Global bodies for the purpose of raising issues that requires proper redressal and resolution and the policies requiring change or updation.