Vahini offers regular counseling to the women by helping counselling-300x300

them to handle their social and economic issues and challenges faced by them in their day to day life. We are providing counseling services to sensitize and make women aware about the crimes and abuse faced by them and how they can counter these problems. It is a fact that women can be empowered by giving them focused counseling sessions. Today the time has come when womanhood needs to be celebrated and the fairer sex given everything that they deserve. Camps and workshops are organized counselling-graphic-2-copy where women from the underprivileged section of the society are made aware about their rights.

Women who are facing domestic violence and abuse are help to realize their problems. Many women are ignorant about their rights and continue suffering from a variety of issues that makes their lives terrible. Counseling sessions and related activities are designed time to time to bring optimal improvement in their lives by addressing these issues. The counselors are well-trained and offer their best services for the betterment and empowerment of women. At Vahini, women are made to realize their power and their right to live with dignity.