Women Empowerment in our country has always been a daunting task and our nation suffers from a social malice of gender-based discrimination which is deep rooted and flourishing since ages. The need is to move above from the half-hearted attempts to empower women to the real work. Although our law-makers have been formulating policies and laws to safeguard the interests of the fairer sex, which is not enough. There is an urgent need to change the ground situation which is quite grim and discouraging.

At Vahini, we are working hard to provide resources to promote women from villages and from backward and poor families with opportunities that allow them to live with their heads held high. We are in process of educating them with awareness towards the society and helping them to not only enjoy the equal economic status but also decision-making rights within their families. We are also making them aware about their health and hygiene in day to day need by organizing small workshops and programs.

Our well-formulated women empowerment programs are designed to ensure girl children getting the “Right of Education” and proper facilities. We ensure that they are not forced to leave their studies mid-way due to any reason. We also ensure that the women get vocational training in their interested fields. We help them to secure proper employment as per their skills and education. Our aim is to develop a cadre of self-reliant and empowered women who can bring a major change in the society.

We are also working on the popular social programs, “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” and ensuring that the benefits of the program must reach the grass root level. At Vahini, we are trying hard to achieve the fundamental objective of social and economic equality for women in the country.